What to Look for When Hiring a Care Agency?

Care Agency

Sourcing a company to care for a loved one is a huge responsibility. Preferably, we would all like to look after our loved ones ourselves. However, due to jobs, location, time and possibly lack of the required medical training often make this unattainable. When choosing a Care Agency here are things to look for:
Recruitment Process
Find out about their recruitment process. We have all heard terrible stories of some Carers abusing their clients. Make sure they had carried extensive background checks on Carers before they deployed to look after Clients. Background checks should go beyond the Disclosure and Barring Service Checks, it must include references from previous jobs.
CQC Registration
Make sure the Agency is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. You can also check the rating of any regulated services on the CQC’s website
When looking for a Home Care Agency, make sure you look for an Agency that provides training for its Carers. Providing care services is a very important duty and Carers must be kept abreast of the latest issues and skills in the care settings.
In conclusion, paying attention to the above before hiring a Live-in/Home Care Agency can help your loved ones to continue to stay and receive quality care in their home thereby taking some pressure off the rest of the family.
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